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Jorge Carneiro

Jorge Carneiro was elected National President of The British Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Brazil – BRITCHAM, on 18th July, 2016, through the Ordinary General Assembly.

Dear Members,

When I was asked, I was very excited to take up the challenge of leading the British Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Brazil.

We have brought together a team that I am proud to manage. It is a team of amazing people, some as new as I am to these issues and others with long-standing experience in British Chamber issues.

2016 was clearly one of the most important in recent times for the British Chamber. On one hand, we are celebrating the Chamber’s 100th anniversary and, on the other, we saw a major turn of events with the BREXIT vote. We want to make the most of these events, leveraging our enthusiasm and conviction to relaunch a British Chamber that will be more active and involved with both its members and the business communities in Brazil and the UK.

With the relaunch, we decided to carry out an analysis to find out what role the British Chamber should play in order to meet and exceed the expectations of current and future members, during which we enjoyed generous support from one of our members, KPMG.

Alongside the KPMG strategy team, we have put in place a planning process that addresses three basic issues: 1) where we are now, 2) where we want to be and 3) how to get there.

This effort was based on responses from our Board members, current and former Britcham members and potential new members, to understand the needs and desires of the community we want to serve. It was very gratifying to see the enthusiasm with which everyone took part and made such a significant contribution.

Following the study, we have defined action areas where we can create a pragmatic yet ambitious plan to unite us all. Supported by our Board, we are defining the issues we want to focus on and that we intend to embrace. We believe that with the support and energy of our members, we will be able to exceed our stakeholders’ expectations.

I would also like to thank Alex Ellis, the UK Ambassador in Brazil, Joanna Crellin, the Consul-General in Sao Paulo, and Jonathan Dunn, the Consul- General in Rio de Janeiro, for their very important support. Their backing was decisive in our efforts to align the British Chamber’s efforts in Brazil with the British Government’s plans, while keeping our members’ requirements in mind.

We remain open and very receptive to new ideas and suggestions that will help us grow and develop the British Chamber in Brazil.

All I want to do is make some sort of contribution, however small it may be compared with the British Chamber’s past 100 years in Brazil, to ensure that this second centenary starts with as much energy and enthusiasm as possible, recognizing the work of all those who have supported the British Chamber over the past 100 years.