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Jorge Carneiro

Jorge Carneiro was elected National President of The British Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Brazil – BRITCHAM, on 18th July, 2016, through the Ordinary General Assembly.

Dear Members,

Another year has passed since I took up the presidency of the British Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Brazil. Having had some time to reflect on my tenure, I would like to highlight the significant contributions made by the other members of the Board of Directors who have taken an active part of our monthly meetings and in all of the work done throughout our organization. It is a source of great satisfaction to see the effort and dedication of our board members and the enthusiasm expressed by many of our members, some of whom play a very important role in this organization. I would like to thank all of you very much.

Last year we reached a number of important milestones in Britcham’s history. The biggest was marked at the event we held to celebrate British Chamber’s 100th anniversary in Brazil, which was attended by the Rt. Hon. Liam Fox, who shared his views of future trade relations between the United Kingdom Brazil in a post-Brexit scenario. 

We have built a stronger relationship with the British government, which afforded our members an opportunity to speak directly with the Rt. Hon Greg Hands, MP, British Minister of State for International Trade, and to discuss alternatives to encourage bilateral trade and investment between Brazil and the UK during his visit in March this year.

Also in 2017, we took some big steps forward that helped raise the status of the British Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Brazil, some of which I have noted below.

The many events we organized included a major International Energy seminar in September to discuss competitiveness on Brazil’s oil and gas market.
In October of this year we launched the  GBBC – Great British Business Club, in partnership with the Department for International Trade – DIT, created to strengthen the British business community in Brazil by organizing networking and business development meetings for a wide range of industries. 
We further bolstered our partnership with the DIT in order to offer joint benefits to members through the Strategic Partners Programme.
We later hosted the Anglo Brazilian Business Dialogue, an initiative created by British Secretary of State Liam Fox to encourage ideas that could help promote bilateral trade between Brazil and the UK. The issues that were raised, and are still being discussed, focus mainly on the challenges our members face in Brazil.

We are well aware that social media is an important communication channel and our communications area has also started publishing content on digital platforms, sharing important information with our stakeholders and using Britcham to showcase relevant information across these new media outlets.

Finally, but no less importantly, in addition to the DTI’s support and partnership, I would like to thank the UK’s ambassador to Brazil, Vijay Rangarajan, the UK’s General Consul in São Paulo, Joanna Crellin, and the new UK Consul in Rio de Janeiro, Simon Wood, for their trust and the incredible support they have given us.
I must also offer a praiseworthy mention to our Chamber staff, whose dedication and efficiency has been instrumental to our success.

We have been working enthusiastically with the single goal of helping the British Chamber grow and develop in Brazil. We know there is a long path and much work ahead, but with everyone’s support, I believe we will be able to meet our stakeholders and especially our Members’ expectations.