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Gustavo Brigagão
President Rio de Janeiro Branch

Gustavo Brigagão was re-elected President of the Rio de Janeiro branch of the British Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Brazil – BRITCHAM, on 18th July, 2016, through the Ordinary General Assembly.

Being President of Britcham in Rio de Janeiro would be a source of great pride and satisfaction under any circumstances, but it is an exceptional honor to be in this position in 2016 as the British Chamber celebrates its 100th anniversary in Brazil.

It was therefore only fitting that we celebrated our anniversary at a number of events this year, particularly the ceremony where we had the honor of handing the Personality of the Year Award to Judge Sergio Moro.

Looking ahead to 2017, Energy and Infrastructure are areas of particular interest and will be on the Anglo-Brazilian agenda for the next several years, as the UK offers deep experience in these sectors and has much to offer Brazil. Entrepreneurs in Brazil, and particularly in Rio de Janeiro, therefore expect to maintain or even increase the volume of goods and services that they import and export via companies of all different sizes on both sides of the Atlantic.

Britcham has always been involved in these and other sectors, where we have built and consolidated the commercial relationship that now exists between the UK and Brazil, and the Chamber continues to support efforts to increase and develop these ties.

As part of these efforts and on behalf of the Chamber’s Board, I am inviting all our members to put forward their suggestions and ideas for projects that Britcham RJ can pursue and identify issues that are relevant to both communities.

As we look forward to even stronger commercial ties between the UK and Brazil, Britcham plans to strengthen its relationship with the DIT - Department for International Trade and reinforce its portfolio of member companies.