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Gustavo Brigagão
President Rio de Janeiro Branch

Gustavo Brigagão was re-elected President of the Rio de Janeiro branch of the British Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Brazil – BRITCHAM, on 29th March, 2018, through the Ordinary General Assembly.

Presiding over Britcham in Rio de Janeiro brings me great joy and satisfaction -- not only because of the important role developed by this institution in the national scenario during the past century, but also for the personal opportunity to interact with so many valuable colleagues and collaborators.

The year of 2017 proved to be particularly special, considering not only the quality of the events organized by our institution, sometimes in important partnerships with other Commercial Chambers and Federations, but also in view of the beginnings of implementation by the Government of important national reforms that aim to put Brazil once again on the road to economic growth. Examples of such initiatives are the labor, social security, and tax reforms currently under discussion in the National Congress.

Furthermore, in such context during 2017, Brazil formally requested to join the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), a measure that received the full support of the United Kingdom.

As often stated during the 71st Annual Congress of the International Fiscal Association (IFA) of 2017 (an event that took place in Rio de Janeiro in August, where I had the honor of being the president), tax reform is one of the crucial steps for the country to successfully become a member of OCDE, thereby joining the group of the most developed market economies on the planet.

In addition, the decision made by the United Kingdom to leave the European Union (Brexit) should additionally reinforce its commercial and cultural ties with other friendly nations like Brazil, potentially leading to new business opportunities and joint initiatives.

Moreover, it is expected that the years ahead will bring new opportunities in areas such as technology and infrastructure. In fact, Brazil aims to diversify its energy matrix, which will undoubtedly result in new international commercial relations.

Hence, there are plenty of reasons for us to be optimistic, and Britcham, as the bridge that commercially links Brazil to the United Kingdom, will remain strong in its mission to improve the commercial, cultural, and friendship ties that have always guided such relationships.