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Rodrigo Correia da Silva
President São Paulo Branch

Rodrigo Correia da Silva was re-elected President of the São Paulo branch of the British Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Brazil – BRITCHAM, on 29th March, 2018, through the Ordinary General Assembly.

Leading Britcham’s activities in Sao Paulo has been quite challenging but very enjoyable, particularly as the organization has passed its centenary but remains focused on innovation, operating like a true start-up.

Obviously, none of this would be possible without the effort and dedication of the chairs and members of the branch’s various committees, which currently cover areas such as “Human Capital”, “International Trade and Investment”, “Legal and Regulatory Affairs” and the “Environment”, creating opportunities for our members and producing content that is distributed at our events and meetings and over Britcham’s communication channels, which are always being updated to ensure we maintain an ongoing dialog with all our members and partners.

And now we look forward to next year! In 2018, we will have the pleasure of hosting more GBBC – Great British Business Club events and we also intend to launch our Business Support Group (BSG), soon, which will build initiatives around a number of strategic partnerships to support startups and offer even more assistance to companies that are looking to expand. The BSG will also respond to queries and create discussion and networking opportunities.

We will continue pursuing our mission in Sao Paulo in line with the Board of Directors’ guidance, building an increasingly positive business environment for our members. Come join us!