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Rodrigo Correia da Silva
President São Paulo Branch

Rodrigo Correia da Silva was elected President of the São Paulo branch of the British Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Brazil – BRITCHAM, on 18th July, 2016, through the Ordinary General Assembly.

2016 has been a year of many changes in Brazil and the UK and the British Chamber has been fulfilling its mission, channeling information and explaining events to the business community.

Britcham has also seen some changes as the new Administrative Council took office and we saw the Sao Paulo launch of the International Trade and Investments Committee. The Education Committee also changed its mission statement, was renamed the Human Capital Committee and now handles all issues linked with personnel graining, retention, management and development within organizations.

In 2017, we plan to continue pursuing our mission, supporting the Administrative Council initiatives and expanding the efforts of our “Legal & Regulatory”, “International Trade and Investments”, “Human Capital”, “Health” and “Environment” committees, creating opportunities for our members and generating content for distribution not only through our event, but also via Britcham’s communication channels under the leadership of the Administrative Council.

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