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Britcham is celebrating its 100th year in Brazil and is increasingly focused on its mission, which includes ongoing efforts to attract new members and retain existing ones. These efforts means an increasing number of companies from a range of industries interested in the Brazil-UK bilateral relationship have been invited to become members as we expand the networking possibilities offered by our events and sector committee meetings.
Britcham offers a unique and exclusive environment within which to build bilateral business and relationships,
a one-stop-shop where members can attend networking meetings (lunches, breakfasts, dinners, seminars, receptions and trade missions from the UK); find business opportunities (Matchmaking and B2B - Business to Business); obtain discounts on products and services offered by other members; join industry groups and committees; and leverage a range of activities throughout the year that generate institutional and commercial value for our members.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Britcham has 100 years’ experience operating here and abroad and is recognized by the Brazilian and UK governments;
  • We offer a forum for building relationships, bilateral trade, investments and services;
  • The Chamber works alongside diplomats from both nations;
  • Britcham is a key pillar of the Brazilian and UK business communities;
  • Members have an opportunity to interact with the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), a global business network supported by the British Government and the British Chambers of Commerce in Latin America and The Caribbean (BritLac), creating a conduit to over 100 British Chambers of Commerce worldwide;
  • We assist small and medium size companies in the UK and Brazil find the right partners on both sides of the Atlantic;
  • Britcham offers mechanisms to debate industry issues affecting both countries;
  • We also organize various sector Committees and Working Groups;
  • Members are invited to attend closed-door, exclusive meetings with UK VIPs;
  • News from member companies is published free of charge in “Britcham News”;
  • Members can receive business opportunities;
  • Members can also offer their products and services to other members on preferential terms;
  • Britcham holds bilateral events, webinars and teleconferences on sector outlooks and opportunities;
  • Your product or service can be showcased in the UK-Brazil business community.