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2017 | 2018 Directory

We are proud to present the 2017/18 Directory.
Our goal is to strengthen relationships in the Brazil-UK business community that Britcham represents and, in this edition, we have included up-to-date information on Britcham members, making it easier to search for customers, suppliers or business partners, or otherwise use the Directory information.
We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome the new members of the Britcham Board of Directors, who were elected at the Extraordinary General Meeting held in October/2017, Messrs. Alex Ingles (BT), José Diaz (Demarest Advogados), Sérgio Clark (JLT), Sérgio Souza (G4S) and Tasso Pereira (Plimax).
In the Directory, Jorge Carneiro, Britcham’s President, comments on the Chamber's results and progress in recent months, particularly the closer ties it is building with the UK’s diplomatic mission in Brazil via the Embassy/DIT/Consulate, and offers his outlook for Britcham over the next few years.
Once again, we would like to extend a warm welcome to the British Ambassador to Brazil, Mr. Vijay Rangarajan; in the Directory, he will speak about continuing to strengthen the bilateral relationship between Brazil and the UK and his expectations for Brexit.
The Directory will continue to be a source of useful information for our readers and we invite you to dip into this year’s edition.

Target Market:

  • CEOs, Directors and Britcham members in Brazil and the UK;
  • British capital stock companies in Brazil;
  • groups that would like to do business with Britcham member companies;
  • companies/people outside of Brazil that would like to export or invest in the country;
  • companies/people outside of Brazil that would like to export or invest in the UK;


  • Britcham members;
  • the government;
  • trade associations;
  • other chambers of commerce;
  • advertisers;
  • potential Britcham members.