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Bianca Signorini Antacli
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Environment Committe

The committee's aim is to promote discussion and sharing of experiences on hot topic issues that are of interest to a diverse group - businesses, lawyers, financial institutions, non-governmental organisations and environmental consultants, taking into consideration the multidisciplinary nature of social and environmental issues. Another important goal of the group is  contributing to the development of sustainable business between the UK and Brazil.
The events of the Committee are an excellent opportunity for networking, since members from the private sector and non-governmental organisations are able to interact and exchange experiences, at meetings which are often also attended by public-sector representatives, promoting contact and debate with differing visions.
The topics, as sustainability, solid wastes policy, climate change, social and environmental risk management, environmental liability of banks, managament of contaminated sites are carefully chosen for their relevance.

Previous Events:
05/06/2018 - General Environmental Licensing Act – Principal Changes and Challenges
04/12/2017 - Environment Committee Seminar. Theme: B Certification and Impact Investment.
16/05/2017 - The New CETESB Management Decision 38/17 and changes for contaminated area management