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Emotional intelligence: DPC promotes workshops to improve leaders’ competencies

Leading is a practice that requires constant improvement of competencies and capability, and Domingues and Pinho Contadores (DPC) continues investing in development of its leadership. On November 13 and 23, DPC’s groups of directors and managers attended workshops on emotional intelligence, an essential theme for those who is responsible to draw fully the potential of their teams.

Emotional intelligence may be defined as the capability to manage their own emotions and of people around, through an improvement of skills such as self-awareness, control, self-motivation, empathy, and interaction with others.

As Raquel Dilkin, DPC’s Human Resources manager, explains, controlling emotions is critical to the development of a person's intelligence. "On corporate’s environment every day, the leader faces conflicts and situations that require quick and assertive attitudes. The way this professional handle the influences on climate and behavior of the entire team", she said.

In a more general context, betting on employees’ emotionally intelligent is a strategy that contributes to achieve organization objectives, since the relations balance in the work influences people’s well-being and, consequently, on productivity. Therefore, this capacity is increasingly valued in selective processes, which investigate, in addition to candidate’s technical qualifications, their qualities, as emotional stability, communication form, empathy, and adaptability.

These workshops for DPC leaders include group dynamics, self-assessments and a lot of exchange, and are scheduled to lead managers to reflect on their potential as the concepts are presented. "We intend to show that evolution is always possible and that emotional intelligence can be improved from a new mental stimuli construction, habits and behaviors", reinforces Raquel Dilkin. The manager complements that many of brain's circuits can be worked on, enabling people to enhance and develop any skill. Thus, to improve the emotional intelligence and decision-making capability, it is important people understand and manage their emotions.

The activity is part of the InterAÇÃO program, an in-house program the HR department conducts, which also raises other management, communication, and self-awareness issues, as a continuation of the Leadership Development Program - PDL.