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Monroe Olsen
Regional Director Britcham Paraná

Britcham’s Paraná Chapter has a mission to develop trade, investment and service ties through advocacy and networking initiatives. At this historic time, following Brazil’s recent nomination for admission to the OECD and the issues surrounding British and Brazilian policies, the Chapter's initial activities will focus on business sectors where the State of Paraná has the most to offer.

Our work will be based around discussions and events involving the Agribusiness, Education and Technology committees, with meetings between business owners and Paraná's State and City Governments in Curitiba and elsewhere across the State (Cascavel, Maringá and/or Londrina).

We will be focused on international growth with the best Paraná has to offer, increasing the competitiveness of Brazilian products and services abroad, particularly products from Paraná capable of obtaining energy sustainability and negative carbon footprint certificates, and on smart cities, with a free flow of workers and technologies between Curitiba and London.

In addition to the meetings and events we are organizing, I expect to us to organize a business mission in our first year of activity.