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Bruno Marcondes - KPMG
Oil & Gas Committee

Each year, the committee’s main goal is to increase the number of oil and gas industry representatives attending our monthly meetings, where the Committee decides what issues to address on its annual agenda through either internal debates, studies or events sponsored by the Committee. As new companies arrive on the Brazilian market, there is an opportunity to attract new members and increase visibility of the most important issues, bringing in fresh perspectives. This is increasingly important given the industry’s forecast outlook for growth in Brazil over the next several years. The relationship between Brazil and the UK will add value to this process from both a technical and regulatory standpoint. One of the Committee’s objectives is to support further development of this relationship.

Previous Events:
29/11/2018 - XVI International Energy Seminar - Gas as a transitional fuel in Brazil
22/08/2018 - Lunch Presentation by the Energy, Naval Industry & Offshore Committee with Adriano Bastos, Brazil President of BP Energy.
23/05/2018 - Lunch and presentation by the Energy Committee, with Helio da Cunha Bisaggio, ANP Superintendent. Theme: “Outlook for Natural Gas in Brazil
10/04/2018 - Lunch presentation by the Energy, Naval Industry & Offshore Committee with José Mauro Ferreira Coelho, EPE director. Theme: An Integrated Vision of Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuel Planning in a time of transition: where will we be in 10 years?