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Luiz Guilherme Gomes Primos
Primos e Primos Advogados
Romulo Cristiano Coutinho da Silva
Demarest Advogados
Legal, Tax & Regulatory Committee

The Legal and Regulatory Committee is a venue for legal professionals from member companies and law firms who work in a very wide variety of legal practices. The Committee is a platform for members to build closer ties through monthly meetings, breakfasts, workshops and seminars and keeps members abreast of current issues in the legal world.
Meetings are frequented assiduously by many of our members where they discuss a wide range of currently relevant topics, giving members a window onto matters in areas outside their day-to-day practice.

Publications: Doing Business in Brazil - English
Doing Business in Brazil - Portuguese
Glossary of Legal Terms - Bilingual
Legal Review Newsletter - Bilingual - Monthly

Previous Events:
06/12/2018 -
26/06/2018 - Seminar: ICMS / ISS software taxation