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We request the Administrative Council of the British Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Brazil - Britcham examine and accept our company's application to be a Britcham member.

The information below is required and will be entered into Britcham's database. This information is confidential and authorisation will be obtained before it is published in the Members' Directory and other Britcham publications.

I authorise the publication of my company's information and logo
I do not authorise the publication of my company's information and logo

Company name
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Telephone Fax E-mail
Total number of collaborators (partners, directors, employees, consultants, other hired personnel)
Company's products and services

Brief company history for the Britcham Newsletter
Other units or branches in Brazil:
Overseas affiliations:
Is your company a member of other Chambers of Commerce? Yes No
Which ones?
Foreign Trade:Import Export
Main countries:
Manufacturer Representative License Other
How did you become interested in joining Britcham?
What do you expect from Britcham?
Areas of Interest:Social Responsibility Economy Arbitration Finance and Economy Legislation Energy Health Marketing Environment Human Resources Taxing Ethics
Insurance and reinsurance International Trade Tourism International Investment Logistics
Do you know any Britcham members that could provide references for your application? Yes No
Name: Contact information:

Main contact with Britcham

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After approving the application, Britcham's Board of Directors will establish the company's membership category and the number of official representatives based on the category. The company appoints these official representatives by filling out a Britcham form.