Committees – Paraná

Executive Committee

Regional Director
Gustavo Pires Ribeiro
(Marins Bertoldi Advogados)

Deputy Director
Maurício Ribeiro Maciel
(Marins Bertoldi Advogados)

H.M. Honorary Consul in Paraná
Adam Patterson

Luiz Vencato

With a competent executive team, our management is driven by execution, which combines the experience of those who work daily with agribusiness and also with genius people with ideas and motivation for the search for the new.

We want our members engaged and active to make Britcham Brasil an increasingly expressive business space for agribusiness in our country.

Join our seminars, activities and events, get involved in the themes adding new ideas of relationships, business suggestions and expand a path of new possibilities for the Agribusiness Committee Brazil – United Kingdom.

to be appointed soon

The Education Committee aims to discuss topics related to the development of educational models, teaching-learning methodologies, training, applied research, and the development of agreements between educational institutions in Brazil and in the United Kingdom at all relevant aspects of education. Our focus is to bring together the realities of both countries by encouraging the discussion and sharing of educational and research experiences.

This is a Committee that can work in many ways to develop the interest of other Britcham Committees. 

In 2020, the Committee will expand its activities, seeking to attract new members who are interested in our topics and who are looking for an opportunity to internationalise their knowledge and their institutions.

Cezar Azevedo

The Technology Committee proposes to be a relevant forum in fostering discussions, exchanging experiences and identifying themes to create synergy between technology ecosystems and generating opportunities for qualified networking between agents that have technology as a factor of digital transformation.

The main focus is to integrate ecosystems and seek development of their business. 

We want to provide Britcham members with access to technological innovations and to a network model that provides investment opportunities in Brazil and the United Kingdom, with the main business focuses within the ecosystems of the two countries, interacting as catalysts in a network proposal for the startups, fintechs, innovation, agritech, government, education and corporate segments.