Advocacy Consultative Commission (CCA)

In order to mitigate the challenges that are presented to the business environment, Britcham acts very actively in the defense of guidelines and interests of its associates before the most diverse governmental spheres of Brazil and the United Kingdom. To this end, it counts on the performance of an Advocacy Consultative Commission (CCA) that works on the reception of the guidelines and suggestions of transversal themes, performs the proper alignment with the mission, vision and strategy of Britcham, as well as interfaces with the thematic committees for the sectorial demands.

Within the scope of CCA‘s activities, initiatives that add high value to companies are organized, such as holding meetings with government representatives and CEOs of companies, publishing institutional positions to defend companies’ interests, organizing open events to exchange experiences and knowledge, participating in public consultations, etc. CCA is composed of professionals working in the areas of government relations, institutions and related topics, which are nominated by the associated companies and appointed by the Board of Directors of Britcham.

For 2023, CCA‘s mission is to address and facilitate the access of Britcham members to the authorities related to the strategic agenda of Advocacy, which includes 3 (three) key themes: tax issues (aiming at the simplification of taxes and the realization of trade agreements), climate issues (linked to the agenda of environment, sustainability, world climate conference, ESG, among others) and regulatory issues (aimed at improving the business environment).

Meet the members

Guilherme Primos CCA

Luiz Guilherme Primos – Leader

Luiz Guilherme Primos is a partner at Primos e Primos Advogados and Vind Aerogeradores. Lawyer with extensive experience in the areas of Business Law, Corporate, Economic and Antitrust Law, Customs Law, Foreign Investments, Labor Law, Consumer Law and Regulatory Law. Bachelor’s degree from the Law School of the University of São Paulo and Business Administrator from Mackenzie University, with teacher training. He also acts in corporate litigation, including national and international mediations and arbitrations. He has advised several M&A transactions, in Brazil and abroad, in all sectors of the economy.

Milene Coelho

Milene Coelho

Milene Coelho, bachelor in Economic Sciences, postgraduate in Marketing and Executive MBA. With more than 20 years of experience in pharmaceuticals, market access, patient association, market development, strategic planning and product management, currently as Sr. Manager of Government Relations and Advocacy at AstraZeneca do Brasil. Responsible for developing and leading projects that support the company’s relationship with the Brazilian government, establish partnerships and seek external collaborations. Under her management she leads the Patient Affairs team that together with the main Patient Associations carries out the advocacy work. Led and coordinated between 2020 and 2022 the development of public policy plans in the international region focusing on priority markets, building international policy modeling capabilities based on different market archetypes, developing advanced policy modeling strategies.

Fabio CCA

Fabio Caldas

Fabio Caldas is a production engineer from UFRJ, with postgraduate degrees in administration (full-time, 2 years, COPPEAD-UFRJ), systems analysis, marketing and finance. At Royal Dutch Shell Group for 25 years, he held leadership positions at the company’s headquarters in the United Kingdom and Brazil, where he was Director of External Relations for Latin America, responsible for the areas of Communications, Institutional Relations, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. At CPFL Energia Group, he was Director of Communications and Government Relations, also responsible for Corporate Ethics and Ombudsman. He won the Top 10 Communicators of the Year from Aberje (Brazilian Association of Business Communication) in 2017 and founded LS – Light Saber Consultoria in 2018, focusing on institutional relations, non-technical risks and communications.

Leo Martins CCA

Leonardo Martins

Leonardo Martins has more than 20 years of legal experience, with great experience in tax litigation before judicial and administrative courts, representing clients from the most diverse sectors, such as oil and gas, aviation, telecommunications, phonographic and steel industry. He was elected one of the most admired professionals in his field by publications such as Latin Lawyer, ITR and Lacca Approved. Coordinates the tax team of the Rio de Janeiro unit, responsible, together with the partners of São Paulo, for serving the large customer base of the state. Martins also has 7 recent publications in the legal sector. Recent recognitions: Chambers & Partners Brazil: Tax: Rio de Janeiro (2022); The Legal 500: Tax (2019); Latin Lawyer 250: Tax (2022); LACCA Approved: Tax (2018-2023); Análise Advocacia 500: Tributário e no Rio de Janeiro (2021); International Tax Review: Tax Litigation (2018-2019); “World Tax” – Tax Controversy as “Highly regarded” (2022).

Suelma Rosa CCA

Suelma Rosa

Suelma Rosa is responsible for Unilever’s multi-stakeholder reputation in Brazil and Latin America. Also under his management important agendas of the company, such as risk management, and acts as sponsor of the proUd Affinity Group and the Afrolever Fund in Brazil. She is part of the Sustainability Council of the Mãe Terra brand and is the public policy leader of the Youth Movement of Brazil, co-created by Unilever and other companies in 2019 with the mission of bringing youth closer to good opportunities. During its trajectory, issues such as environmental sustainability, human rights and diversity and inclusion have always been present. These themes have shaped the professional whose purpose is to connect and engage different audiences in favor of causes that positively transform society. Suelma is perceived by the market as an expert in connecting people, agendas and organizations with competence and empathy, as well as being a professional who provokes complex and deep reflections on fundamental and often sensitive topics. Recently she was invited to participate as a writer for the Diversity box and also as a mentor for TOP2You, a platform for professional inspiration, which reinforces her attentive look at the connections between people and the topics relevant to society. He is a member of the Reputation Council of Ipsos Reputation, which brings together more than 150 senior communicators from the most respected corporations in the world, ABBI – Brazilian Association of Bioinnovation, and ABIA – Brazilian Association of Food Industries. She also has an active chair in the CORB – Guiding Council of the Brazil Network of the Global Compact and in the advisory board of the Desvelando Oris Institute and is a curator at “The Global Shaper Hub”, of the World Economic Forum.