Committees – Rio de Janeiro

Executive Committee

Fabio Caldas
(Light Saber)

Vice President
Bruno Marcondes

H.M. Consul-General in Rio de Janeiro
Simon Wood

Other Members

  • Kenneth Cattley
    (Cattley Advogados)

Fernando Coelho
(Marsh Brazil)

The Insurance & Reinsurance Committee’s aim is promoting the culture of insurance and other topics related to reinsurance and risk management.
We plan to hold an annual event with a theme that is relevant to the British and Brazilian communities and of interest to Britcham associates, with speakers selected by committee members by mutual agreement. It will also support other events which strive to promote different segments of the economy. We hope to attract new associates to the Chamber, playing the important role of promoting, supporting and developing the culture of insurance and reinsurance.

Paula Costa
Ulhôa Canto Advogados

Paula Abreu
Individual Member

The Legal, Tax and Regulatory Committee’s aim is to drive debate on legal issues of interest to Britcham members and increase integration among members.
Discussions take place during meetings, breakfasts, lunches and seminars where current affairs and events of relevance to the British and Brazilian business communities are debated. These events are also networking opportunities for people focusing specifically on legal matters in various areas of the law, increasing the value of any contacts that are made and helping attendees increase their understanding of the issues discussed. All issues are addressed on an integrated basis with the other committees to provide a wider-ranging and more complete discussion of the issues involved.

Carlos Peixoto

Individual Member

Wlamir Martins

Individual Associate

The Oil & Gas Committee is a venue where Chamber members have an opportunity to discuss relevant sector issues, especially where they touch on the Brazil – UK relashionship. Our in-house crossfires (held under Chatham House) and public events have helped raise the bar for debate of key industry issues.

Fabio Caldas

Light Saber

Renato Cordeiro

British Government

The Power & Renewables Committee (PRC), works hand in hand with the Oil & Gas Committee and the British Government’s Department of Investment & Trade (DIT) aims to support development of the renewables and power sector in Brazil and the UK, as well as respective Britcham members, in a landscape that offers a wide range of business opportunities, helping to exchange experiences and support bilateral interests in the low carbon area. In 2019, a range of events, such as cross-fire meetings and lunch talks, provided greater insight into the business environment, with particular emphasis on technology and regulatory issues, which we will seek to maintain and improve in 2020.