Executive Committee in São Paulo

Marcio Zanetti
(Economist Impact)

H.M. Consul-General in São Paulo
Jonathan Knott

Executive Committee in Rio de Janeiro

Nicholas Burridge
(Açu Petróleo)

H.M. Consul-General in Rio de Janeiro
Anjoum Noorani

Executive Committee in Paraná

Regional Director
Aldo Macri

H.M. Honorary Consul in Paraná
Adam Patterson

Executive Committee in Minas Gerais

Deputy Director
Thiago Porto Ribeiro
(L&T Comex)

H.M. Consul in Minas Gerais
Lucas Brown

to be appointed soon

With a competent executive team, our management is driven by execution, which combines the experience of those who with agribusiness on a daily-basis and also with genius people who have the ideas and motivation to contribute with the Committee.

We want our members engaged and active to make Britcham Brasil an increasingly expressive business space for agribusiness in our country.

Join our seminars, activities and events, get involved in the themes of adding new ideas for relationships and business suggestions that expand the path of new possibilities for the Brazil-UK Agribusiness Committee.

Marcos Noll Barboza
Cultura Inglesa

Vice President:
Marjorie Robles

The Human Capital Committee aims at discussing work and people-related topics in a variety of industries, considering innovation, technology, diversity, leadership, education, training and development, and any other relevant aspects linked to people and business management.

We are focused on driving debate and sharing best practices between Brazil and the UK, combining companies’ long standing experience with robust insights produced by academic and corporate knowledge.

In 2020 the committee will continue to expand its activities, attracting new members to be a part of the debate of related themes and it will be involved in organising events in a variety of formats (periodic meetings, seminars etc.).

Renata Sucupira
Sperling Advogados

Thomas Fesl

KPMG Auditores Independentes

The International Trade and Investments Committee‘s ambitious goal is to become a hub for meetings and information on international trade and investment, organising in-depth and objective discussions on fair sustainable trade. The committee’s guests are some of the foremost specialists in their respective areas, giving associates an opportunity to learn more about current issues and market requirements so they can be addressed directly with relevant government bodies. The goal in this case is to influence and support growth of Brazilian trade, expand cooperation, increase trade ties between the two countries and attract UK investment to Brazil. The committee also plans to be a networking platform for its members, associates and the general public.

Alan Lutfi
Rentável – XP Investimentos

The Economy & Finance Committee’s goal and mission is to organise events to discuss relevant issues at periodic meetings and seminars, publish interviews with market experts in the Economic newsletter, develop financial education content for members and their employees, promote the best financial market practices and provide members with opportunities to  interact socially at its events.

The Committee plans to expand its activities in 2020 and is inviting government officials and industry representatives to speak at its events. We will continue to focus on bringing our members information and solutions and discussing the issues they want to debate at our seminars

Fabio Caldas

Light Saber

Renato Cordeiro

British Government

The Power & Renewables Committee (PRC), works hand in hand with the Oil & Gas Committee and the British Government’s Department of Investment & Trade (DIT) aims to support development of the renewables and power sector in Brazil and the UK, as well as respective Britcham members, in a landscape that offers a wide range of business opportunities, helping to exchange experiences and support bilateral interests in the low carbon area. In 2019, a range of events, such as cross-fire meetings and lunch talks, provided greater insight into the business environment, with particular emphasis on technology and regulatory issues, which we will seek to maintain and improve in 2020.

Gustavo Bergamasco

Paulo Dantas
Castro Barros Advogados

The Infrastructure Committee has the ambitious goal of creating more business opportunities for all entities involved in the sector. To this end, this committee wants to be a platform to foster collaborative actions between professionals and companies, be an environment for exchanging experiences and serve as a link with government entities, where we will act to propose changes and improvements, in areas that affect companies and agility in generating business and opportunities.

We will give special attention to strengthen the UK-Brazil business link to this sector, using Britcham’s relationship network and the skills of members to create relationships between professionals and companies that complement each other, whether in Brazil or in the United Kingdom.

We will also seek transparency and speed to address the issues raised by the members of the Committee and also of Britcham.

Leonardo Alfradique
Machado Meyer Advogados

Vice President:
Paulo Tedesco
Mattos Filho Advogados

Get the latest news about the law and legal practice! Exchange experiences! Networking! All this and more is available to the members of the Legal, Tax & Regulation Committee! The Committee’s members are legal professionals working in the corporate sector and lawyers at firms involved in many different practices. Each meeting discusses current and relevant issues and provides high-level content, helping our members find out more about the legal world outside their own practices. The Committee also organises seminars with government officials and monitors legislative bills affecting members; it is also an important channel for interacting with several sectors of government

Bianca Signorini Antacli
TozziniFreire Advogados

Guilherme Leal
Graça Couto Advogados

Given the multidisciplinary characteristics of environmental issues, the Environment Committee’s main goal is to generate debate and allow the exchange of experiences about current environmental trends of interest to a very varied group – companies, lawyers, financial institutions and environmental consultants. No less importantly, the Committee also aims to support ongoing development of sustainable business between the UK and Brazil.
Its events are an excellent networking opportunity, where members and other private sector representatives can interact and exchange experiences at meetings that are often attended by public sector officials, encouraging interactions with different points of view. In 2020, among other issues, we will continue to focus on the challenges of the Environmental Agenda over the next several years, the important role the private sector has to play on it, the latest news on managing contaminated areas and planned changes in environmental licensing.

Thomas Nemes
Anglo American

Carlos Peixoto

Individual Member

Wlamir Martins

Individual Associate

The Oil & Gas Committee is a venue where Chamber members have an opportunity to discuss relevant sector issues, especially where they touch on the Brazil – UK relashionship. Our in-house crossfires (held under Chatham House) and public events have helped raise the bar for debate of key industry issues.

Fernando Coelho
Marsh Brazil

Marcia Cicarelli
Demarest Advogados

The Insurance & Reinsurance Committee’s aim is promoting the culture of insurance and other topics related to reinsurance and risk management.
We plan to hold an annual event with a theme that is relevant to the British and Brazilian communities and of interest to Britcham associates, with speakers selected by committee members by mutual agreement. It will also support other events which strive to promote different segments of the economy. We hope to attract new associates to the Chamber, playing the important role of promoting, supporting and developing the culture of insurance and reinsurance.

Lucas Ribeiro

Thiago Sombra

Mattos Filho Advogados

The Technology Committee proposes to be a relevant forum in fostering discussions, exchanging experiences and identifying themes to create synergy between technology ecosystems and generating opportunities for qualified networking between agents that have technology as a factor of digital transformation.

The main focus is to integrate ecosystems and seek development of their business. 

We want to provide Britcham members with access to technological innovations and to a network model that provides investment opportunities in Brazil and the United Kingdom, with the main business focuses within the ecosystems of the two countries, interacting as catalysts in a network proposal for the startups, fintechs, innovation, agritech, government, education and corporate segments.