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Mohr-Bell Business Planning

Giovana Araújo

In 2023, Brazilian agribusiness performed exceptionally well and helped Brazilian GDP grow ahead of initial estimates. Now is a time of transition into a period that will present several significant opportunities alongside several major challenges, such as climate change, global trade instability, production cost pressures and sustainable development processes.

The outlook for 2024 is one of cautious optimism in the face of the forecast of a 4% reduction in production, while improvements in prices and the continued reduction of input costs are expected. Priorities include policies around food security, driving the green and sustainable energy transition, as well as opening and consolidating external markets.

The Committee plans to promote bilateral cooperation with the UK, identifying diverse opportunities for the sector and planning to hold more events for this purpose in 2024.

Daniela Bauab

Gustavo Jorge

For the Human Capital & Education Committee, the priorities for 2024 are focused on advancing Generative Artificial Intelligence, scaling personalisation, and the global quest for talent.

Generative AI, after being tried and discussed in 2023, continues to make progress to improve the way we work, cultivate long-term talent and make quick, data-driven organisational changes easier. Personalisation at scale could serve as an important differentiator in employee experience practices and solutions. In Brazil, global talent acquisition is on the rise and the country is emerging as a global competitor in the search for talent.

Based on these perspectives, we will seek to expand business opportunities for our members, based on meetings that will provide a greater discussion of topics such as these and that may generate important future partnerships.

Renata Sucupira
Sucupira Consultores

Aloísio Andrade

In 2024, International Trade is a complex tapestry of challenges and opportunities. The post-pandemic recovery, driven by the reemergence of key sectors, has been positive for global trade. However, geopolitical volatility, trade imbalances and supply chain changes have created uncertainty.

The Committee highlights the significant increase in trade between the UK and Brazil. The strategic partnership between Brazil and the UK, marked by solid investments and a commitment to sustainability, suggest a promising future lies ahead.

We are committed to expanding ongoing collaboration and search for new opportunities which will the path ahead for a robust bilateral relationship that can adapt to the winds of change in global trade.

Carlos Lima
UK Government

The Defence & Security Committee is an initiative that reflects not only the growth and evolution of our association, but also the deepening commitment to the values and principles that unite us.

We are committed to driving international cooperation and technological innovation to address emerging security challenges, thereby ensuring a safer and more resilient future for our communities and businesses. For the year 2024, our focus is on expanding the bilateral relationship, especially in the crucial area of cybersecurity.

The Committee’s mission is to promote the development and implementation of defense and security strategies that serve the interests of our members, contributing to a safe and prosperous business environment.

Alan Lutfi
Rentável – XP Investimentos

Nilson Exel
Ekko Partners

The Economy & Finance Committee focuses on addressing Brazil’s priority issues in 2024, capitalising on the favourable winds the country faces. Brazil’s agribusiness sector is becoming a major global player., driven by sustainable practices and cutting-edge Technologies. Additionally, Brazil also sees an opportunity to play a major role in the global energy transition due to its renewable energy matrix. There has also been a global convergence toward lower inflation and interest rates, with a significant reduction in interest rates expected in Brazil throughout the year.

In light of these scenarios, the Committee emphasises the importance of Brazilian companies exploring innovations, investing in emerging technologies, and strengthening international partnerships, including relations with the United Kingdom, to ensure a prominent position in the constantly evolving global landscape.

We intend to navigate through these challenges and opportunities, contributing to the strengthening of bilateral economy and the success of our businesses in both markets.

Leonardo Miranda

TozziniFreire Advogados

Monique Gonçalves


The Energy Committee is committed to addressing priority issues for the sector in 2024, reflecting anticipated legal and regulatory advancements in areas such as offshore wind, hydrogen, carbon capture, and electrification, in line with the energy transition agenda.

Based on the COP 28 discussions and the proximity of the multilateral meetings that Brazil will host in 2024 and 2025 – the G20 meeting in Rio de Janeiro and COP 30 in Belém – our goal is to boost sustainable development and attract investment to the energy sector. We are attentive to local economic and financial aspects, including interest rates, foreign exchange and tax reform, in order to strengthen the market and ensure a favorable environment for investments.

We remain optimistic about the dynamism and global relevance of the Brazilian and UK energy sector. We will invest our efforts in promoting meetings and events focused on this journey to shape the future of energy, including the essential 20th Britcham International Energy Seminar.

Fabio Câmara
Contracta Engenharia

Paulo Dantas
Castro Barros Advogados

The Infrastructure Committee is focused on taking advantage of the diverse opportunities the industry offers in 2024. Initiatives such as the privatisation process of SABESP, which promises to transform the sanitation scenario in Brazil, and the expectation of privatisation of other state-owned companies, stand out. In addition, the electricity sector offers good opportunities with auctions of transmission lines and reserve capacity, boosting renewable sources. In urban mobility, projects such as the expansion of the subway and the Intercidades project have the potential to revolutionise passenger transport, while innovation in the public sector opens up space for new projects and partnerships with startups. With a mature market for infrastructure, including ports, airports, and highways, Brazil promises to be a fertile ground for investment and growth opportunities.

Based on these highlighted themes, this Committee aims to promote collaboration between companies, facilitate the exchange of experiences, and connect with government entities to drive change and improvement in crucial areas for business and opportunities.

Leonardo Alfradique
Machado Meyer Advogados

Paulo Tedesco
Mattos Filho Advogados

Britcham’s Legal, Tax & Regulatory Committee is ready for a year of intense activity in 2024. We have the recently approved consumption tax reform, which now requires the enactment of complementary laws to regulate regulatory changes. This topic will be the subject of extensive debate in Congress, academics, and civil society, given its scope and impact on both Brazilians and investors in the country. Hard work is expected in the first months of the year, as the electoral calendar may take up a good part of the second half of the year.

In addition, we will continue to pay attention to the agreement against double taxation of income and profit between Brazil and the United Kingdom, seeking its ratification to provide legal certainty to investors on both sides. The energy transition will also be on the agenda, with emphasis on the carbon market and carbon capture and storage, in line with the conclusions of COP28.

The committee will focus on events and meetings that promote enriching discussions with an emphasis on the topics that will shape the legal, regulatory and tax environment on the bilateral agenda in 2024, while we develop actions focused on the interests of members.

Bianca Signorini Antacli
TozziniFreire Advogados

Guilherme Leal
Graça Couto Advogados

The Environment & Sustainability Committee is prepared for a year of intense debates and events in 2024, addressing several priority topics. Issues such as the Fight against Climate Change, the Carbon Market and Bioeconomy will continue to be a focus, given their importance for environmental preservation and human life. In addition, the committee will be attentive to the decisions and developments of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC COP 28), which took place in Dubai, and anticipating discussions for COP 29, which will take place this year in Azerbaijan and COP 30, which will be hosted by Brazil in 2025.

The fight against illegal deforestation and the certification of commodities will be highlighted, reflecting the global concern. The preservation of Biodiversity, especially with the 16th Conference of the Parties (COP 16) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), in Colombia; and environmental licensing will be key topics, in line with Britcham’s mission to foster enterprises in Brazil and foreign investments.

The committee will prioritise events and meetings that promote in-depth and relevant discussions on the topics highlighted to its members, with an emphasis on the impact on the Brazil-UK agenda.

Adriano Trindade
Mattos Filho Advogados

Luis Azevedo
VTF Mineração

The Mining Committee is committed to addressing the challenges and seizing the opportunities that the mineral sector offers in 2024. With the energy transition and geopolitical conflicts, there is a transformation in the demand for critical minerals, raising environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns throughout the production chain. Mineral research, especially for critical minerals such as copper, is a priority due to increasing demand and the absence of viable substitutes.

In addition, the development of financing mechanisms and sources of risk capital for the discovery of new deposits is essential, especially considering the unfair competition and high interest rates in Brazil. The pressure for more efficient and dynamic licensing is also a reality, aiming at agility without compromising quality.

The Committee will act with total emphasis on the interests of its members, being a space for discussion of these issues, seeking to strengthen business in the mineral sector and promote the exchange of experiences between Brazil and the United Kingdom.

Monique Pessoa

Marcia Cicarelli
Demarest Advogados

Britcham’s Risks & Insurance Committee has as its primary focus for 2024 to closely monitor the prospects and challenges brought by the Growth Acceleration Program (PAC), which promises to inject more than BRL 1.7 trillion in infrastructure investments over the next three years. As a result, sectors such as basic sanitation, urban mobility, airports, ports, and others, stand out, creating a vast field of business opportunities for foreign investment funds, contractors, financing banks and, consequently, for the insurance and reinsurance sector.

The increased demand for specific coverages, such as construction and liability insurance, becomes imperative to mitigate the risks associated with these large developments. Additionally, technological developments and the increasing use of artificial intelligence and data analytics are driving innovation in the insurance industry, requiring more efficient and personalised solutions.

Finally, the advent of Open Insurance and the expansion of distribution channels open up new opportunities for partnerships between insurers, reinsurers and various companies from other sectors, which the committee will be attentive to exploring and discussing in its member-oriented activities.

Mariana Lucena

Andrea Splendore

Britcham’s Health Committee is focused on addressing the emerging and strategic themes that will shape the public and private health landscape in 2024. With the transformation accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, telemedicine and health apps emerge as fundamental tools for the agile delivery of services and the promotion of self-care. The committee will focus on discussing the impact of these technologies on the management of the health and well-being of the population, seeking to promote effective strategies in line with international best practices.

In addition, the strengthening of health policies in Brazil, such as the large-scale vaccination campaign and the More Doctors program, will be closely monitored, with the aim of consolidating and improving the initiatives already underway.

The committee’s activities will be aimed at providing valuable insights to members, promoting discussions and sharing knowledge relevant to the health sector in the Brazil-UK agenda.

Luciano Moraes

British Telecom (BT)

Thiago Sombra

Mattos Filho Advogados

The Technology Committee focuses on identifying and exploring opportunities for cooperation between Brazil and the UK in several key sectors. In 2024, we will prioritise initiatives that promote synergy between the two countries, especially in areas such as Agriculture, Health, Aerospace, and Finance. We are committed to fostering discussions and partnerships that drive the development of innovative technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity solutions.

In addition, we seek to learn from the UK’s best practices in areas such as smart-city projects, public digital services, and logistics for cargo transport, adapting these models to the Brazilian context.

Our goal is to provide valuable insights to members, fostering an environment of collaboration and knowledge sharing that contributes to the technological advancement and competitiveness of both countries.