Meeting of the Mining Committee


22nd November 2022
10am to 11am (BRT)




Exclusive to members

The meeting aims to discuss new strategies, priority themes for 2023 and analyze the market reality of the sector in Brazil and the United Kingdom through suggestions from the members of the Committee, thus resulting in practical actions, with activities, meetings and events that provide opportunities to members.

The online meeting is exclusive to Britcham members.

To confirm participation, we kindly ask you to indicate name, position and company directly to Clara Sasse (, who will also send the connection data of the meeting.

President of the Britcham Mining Committee

Adriano Trindade
Partner of Mattos Filho Advogados

Specialist in mineral policy and regulation of the sector, with solid experience at the national and international level. He operates in the mining market with a focus on the development of projects, contracts, mergers, acquisitions, financing and ESG factors related to mining.

Vice-President of the Britcham Mining Committee

Luis Azevedo
Executive Director of VTF Mineração

Geologist and Lawyer working for more than 25 years in the mineral sector. It is one of the most respected names in the mineral sector for its strong entrepreneurial and strategist sense, through which he has made relevant business to his clients.