Meeting of the Agribusiness Committee


30th November 2022
10am to 11am (BRT)




Exclusive to members

The meeting aims to discuss new strategies, priority themes for 2023 and analyze the market reality of the sector in Brazil and the United Kingdom through suggestions from the members of the Committee, thus resulting in practical actions, with activities, meetings and events that provide opportunities to members.

The online meeting is exclusive to Britcham members.

To confirm participation, we kindly ask you to indicate name, position and company directly to Clara Sasse (, who will also send the connection data of the meeting.

President of the Britcham Agribusiness Committee

James Mohr-Bell
Mohr-Bell Business Planning

Economist with MBA from USP, with more than 25 years of professional experience in Brazil and South America, having held management positions and responsible for strategic planning and investments for South America in an important international mining and metallurgy group, financial planning, logistics and supplies. He has extensive and successful experience in business consulting in national and international companies.