Logotipo GBBC

The GBBC’s goal is to strengthen networking and create new business opportunities for British companies that have a footprint (an office or representatives) in Brazil. e club is predominantly made up of small and midsize companies, but is open to larger companies as well.

The GBBC program includes a series of events to support presentations and partnerships throughout the community that offer guidance and create opportunities for new companies arriving on the local market, acting as a forum where members can share knowledge and best practices on how to do business in Brazil and create opportunities for British companies to work with Britcham and the DBT to develop their businesses in Brazil.

Britcham and the DBT promote a number of activities throughout the year, some of which will focus on particular issues, however they will all be linked to the UK in order to attract British companies with business interests in Brazil.

GBBC participants will be able to leverage a number of opportunities, such as:

  • Business Rounds;
  • Commercial promotions (pitch sessions);
  • Face-to-face presentations;
  • Partnerships;
  • Business references and recommendations;
  • Knowledge Transfers;
  • Mentoring for new companies; and others.

Join us during these initiatives and gain access to valuable new contacts and potential new business opportunities!